God(dess) That's Good

What is it? A pansexual interfaith discussion group exploring sexuality and radical spirituality, hosted at Metropolitan Community Church of Portland (2400 NE Broadway).

Discussions will be facilitated by Earthquake and Rev. Darren McDonald, who have been inspired by PLAY: People of Leather Among You, a leather spirituality group that formerly met at Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles, in which kinksters were encouraged to share their story and discuss how their spirituality informed their practice of kink (and vice versa).

We seek to foster the integration of radical sexuality and spirituality by encouraging discussion and exploration of the spiritual aspects of kink and the spiritual meanings that kinksters make around their sexuality.

MCC Portland hosts this program as part of its call to invite all to seek and experience the divine within and beyond (particularly those sexual minorities who have been excluded by our heteronormative and erotophobic dominant culture), and to develop and/or deepen a spirituality that kindles passionate joy.

If you'd like more information, join our google group announcement list or message "earthquake" on FetLife. You must be at least 18 years old to join the google group. In the group, email addresses cannot be viewed by other members, and you may use a pseudonym.

Looking forward to meeting you! - Darren & eQ





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